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Thread: Ring multiple PSTN numbers at once

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    There are many companies offering this, where multiple phones (home, cell, other number) all ring at once. Which ever line picks up the call is the one that gets connected.

    I know you can do this on multiple extensions, but I'd like to do this on other PSTN, ITSP numbers.

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    You can do that with unconditional call forwarding. Add a virtual extension and configure unconditional call forwarding on that extension. Add to the "Forward To" list all the phone numbers you wish (home, cell, etc.). When somebody calls to your main number (which is virtual extension), all the phones from above mentioned list will start ringing. As soon as the first answers, the other calls will be canceled by Quadro. Be sure not to use any destination number in the "Forward To" list routed through FXO. If you do that, because of poor signaling capabilities of FXO, Quadro will think that the call is answered as soon as it gets the dial tone on FXO and will cancel the calls to other destinations. Thus, rout the calls to destinations in the "Forward To" list only through ISDN, SIP or ITSP.

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    I've tried that, and it for sure does not work.

    My PBX extension will ring, but not my cell.

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    and how about forwarding to your cell only, does if work at all?

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    Yes, that works. But not if I try toring theinternal PBX extension and the cell phone.

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    The multiple extension ring (PBX, cell, home, etc.) is a serious show-stopper since Nortel and even Asterisk support those features and I have competitiors selling that against my Quadro's solutions.

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    Satoshi,what interface/service exactlydid you use trying to ring internal PBX extension and the cell phone ? As Hrant mentioned in his first comment, it will not work with POTS (which uses Quadro FXO ports) network, but should work with ISDN, SIP or ITSP. Edited by: aramk

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    Hi, I only have an ITSP connection here. No FXO ports are used.

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    Satoshi, multiple ringing with PBX extension and cell-phone by using ITSP connection should work in Quadro. If you have another picture, then probably there is some configuration problem. Please turn to our TSS with the problem's description and the systemlogs, downloaded right after reproducing the problem.

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    Can this be done on an epygi quadro 2x? I'm trying to set something like this up. When somebody calls our office, I want 2 QCM's + 1 sip phone to ring. I can't figure it out...

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