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Thread: QX200 + Yealink Phone Book

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    Default QX200 + Yealink Phone Book

    Hi All,

    I have created and uploaded a csv into the Phone Book of the Epygi under Extensions > Dialling Directories > Phone Book.

    However the phones (All Yealink) do not have a URL specified for the remote phonebook and I don;t know what to set so that they can access the phonebook in the Epygi.

    I have checked the template used for provisioning and there are the fields there to specify this URL, however they are all blank and after searching numerous docs, forums and google I cant find any reference to how this Phone Book in the Epygi is accessed.

    Can anyone help?

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    Did you manage to get any information for this? I am looking for exactly the same thing. What format did you have the CSV file in? Everything I try has invalid format.

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    Dear DCG and dywilson,

    Please see attached the Dialing Directories on the QX IP PBXs guide, this will help you clearly understand and use Phone Book feature.
    Please use exactly the same column headers while creating *csv file(see the chapter 3.3.1).

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