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Thread: Quadro 6L behind a router help

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    Default Quadro 6L behind a router help

    We are small office and would like to run two networks. One for PCs and another for phones.

    For PCs we are using Surfboard SBG 6580 which acts as modem and router. We will connect WAN port of quadro to NAT port of router so the quadro will be placed behind a router. DHCP will be enaibled on both devices so we will run separate networks.

    Please help to properly configure the Internet Configuration Wizard on quadro. What parameters should be used to manually assign WAN IP to quadro

    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:

    Thank you

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    Unfortunately, you cannot connect the WAN port of the 6L in the manner you specified AND expect the DHCP service provided by the Quadro to simultaneously function alongside the DHCP service provided with the SBG6580. To have two DHCP servers in a physical network environment requires some form of isolation, like a VLAN, which I do not think can be achieved if the WAN port of the 6L is assigned an IP that coincides within the SBG6580 LAN. Perhaps another forum member can provide more on whether or not the 6L can provision via its VLAN interface when only the WAN port of the 6L is being used.

    You may have already read this but you will want to follow pg 10 of the latest Quadro 6L install manual ( as it depicts an illustration outlining the exact manner with which to physically connect the Quadro 6L to your Surfboard SBG6580 modem/router combo unit just as you want. Underneath the illustrations they provide a brief overview of how the Quadro 6L would function in that scenario. In a nutshell, you connect one LAN port of the SBG6580 to an Ethernet switch. You connect the 6L WAN port to the same Ethernet switch. All your PCs and phones connect to that same Ethernet switch. This allows all your PCs, IP phones, and 6L to share the exact same sub net obtaining their IP data from the SBG6580 as the SBG6580 is a DHCP server out-of-box. You could assign a specific IP, sub net mask, and gateway to the 6L WAN port that matches the LAN sub net of the SBG6580, or configure the 6L WAN port as a DHCP client. Since STUN is enabled by default on the 6L, you may not even have to do anything special with the SBG6580 for the voice traffic to properly route to/from the SBG6580 and the 6L.

    In this scenario, you would also want to go to the IP Line Settings page of your 6L and be sure it is set to provision the IP phones from the WAN port and not the LAN port as the LAN port would not be used for the phones at all. And you would want to be sure that the IP phones are programmed to look to the 6L for provisioning and not the SBG6580. Of course, this is not an ideal solution unless you have a few phones and/or very few PCs consuming little bandwidth. In this scenario, voice and data traffic would be on the same network and unless QoS is active on this network, voice traffic could possibly suffer. If this method of connecting is your only option, you will want to be sure the Ethernet switch that all the PCs and phones and 6L connect to offers QoS.

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    Thank you for detailed response and pointing to the manual. Sorry, that I didn't specify initially that we have two hard wired networks in the office so there will be no conflict with two DHCP routers. Based on the manual our setup would be "A Quadro4L/2x2 with an Ethernet WAN port behind a router, which is connected to a cable or xDSL modem. IP phones are
    placed on the LAN side of the Quadro4L/2x2." but it doesn't specify what should be used for the internet wizard fields. We want to assign a permanent IP address from SBG6580 to Quadro. Something like this

    SBG6580 acts as router with the IP and subnet mask

    What is correct setting for the following fields in quadro setup?

    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:
    DNS settings

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    In the SBG6580 <-- make the Epygi a static IP via the DHCP rules to ensure that the same IP address is always offered. This also gets around static IPs that sometimes go fubar...

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