Am wanting to know what specific route settings I would need to define that would allow any IP phone to call back a specific entry in the phone's Call History using the format nnnnnnnnnn@itsp-ipaddress.

I have outbound routes defined that work when digits only are presented to QX.
Call type is IP-PSTN (not SIP as it seems only IP-PSTN allows us to restrict the number of active calls on that route) and the input mask is ??????????.

When we try to use the Call History on a phone to call back missed calls, sometimes we are presented with "Number dialed does not exist."
Logs show that the QX50 received the full uri (phonenumbertocall@sourceipaddress) dial pattern and I am not clear on how to define this input mask and call type.

I have tried changing the call type from IP-PSTN to SIP and I got the same result.
I also tried adding an * to the end of the ?????????? input mask so that it was ??????????* and that still resulted in the "Number dialed does not exist."

Can anyone provide a sample of how the outbound rule should be defined to allow a phone user to use their call history list to return calls in the full URI format?