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Thread: Forwarding inbound calls to internal Asterisk server

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    Default Forwarding inbound calls to internal Asterisk server

    I'd be very grateful if someone could give me a conceptual step-by-step guide to configuring an inbound SIP trunk call with a specific DID to forward to extension 400 on an internal Asterisk box. We need to support the forwarding of multiple simultaneous calls. Our IPBX is a Quadro 6L. Extension 400 on the Asterisk box runs a custom medical dictation application. I have currently hacked together a configuration which almost works, but callers report frequent disconnection which may be related to the connection of additional users. I'm fairly convinced that I've done something wrong and it would be very helpful if someone far more knowledgeable than me could let me know how something like this should be accomplished.

    Many thanks in advance,


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    DID number in from External source (dont know if it is VoIP / PSTN / ISDN ) --> Call Routing table entry for same --> send to IP PSTN ( Asterisk Sip Server IP ) --> Asterisk call manager directs the call.

    Both the Epygi and Asterisk server are known to each other - via firewall and routing tables.

    Thats about it...


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    Thanks Kevin! The DID is from a VoIP source. I'll test this over the weekend and will update the thread.


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    Thanks again - it works like a charm.

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