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Thread: Intermittent dialing to Extensions as well as ISDN

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    Default Intermittent dialing to Extensions as well as ISDN


    I installed a QX today and i am having a problem with dialing both extensions as well as though the ISDN.
    you can dial an extension 10 times and it is successful 4 out of 10 times, when it is unsuccessful, there is nothing under call history and sounds like you are in a static tunnel, on the screen, it has the number with arrows... Same happens when dialing through ISDN.
    Phones we are using are Yealink T20P as well as T26P

    Call routing has been checked and correct...

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    Put the ISDN aside, if you are having issues with dialing and extensions through the same system then you have a very severe problem - perhaps unrelated to the pbx completely.

    Are the Yealink handsets auto provisioned? if not auto provision them and recheck till you get the phones talking to each other. If you still have a problem get 2 x laptops and use xlite configure those softphones as extensions off the QX and see if you have problems calling each other so as to eliminate the handsets.

    Try the laptops direct into the switch if that doesnt work try a different network switch and retest.

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