How do I add an extension and line to the system? I've searched the forum for a couple of hours and found nothing that related to what I needed.

The system was setup before I started and the guy who set it up didn't show me anything about it so I am learning the whole system on the fly.

I have already found how to add/edit/remove extensions. and change line settings. (and have done so for the phone I am trying to add)
I have tried to set nearly all settings to the same as another phone that I know works and is in the same area but it doesn't work. The phone does connect to the system and has the information I set for it just says "not Reg." on the display.

current active phones: 13/ 16 limit
adding: Snom 300
network connection to phone is fine.
VoIp system.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks, Jthrelkeld