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Thread: Fax issues - Max Bit Rate

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    Default Fax issues - Max Bit Rate

    Hi all,

    Our customer is using since many years a Quadro 4xi with 32MB of NAND Flash, limited to the fw version 5.1.39, with success. But recently, we have installed the fax features. Everything seems ok in sending from a fax machine but the receiving is often an issue with no reception at all or tiff file cut (page not fully readable). So, we have tried to change the Max Bit Rate value from 14400 to 9600 of the hidden page faxsettings.cgi but this parameter is not accessible !

    Somebody can help us to change this parameter and tell us how to improve the fax functionalities !

    Thanks in advance.



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    Nobody, no idea ??????


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    What sort of carriage are you using?

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    As the ITSP provide T38, we also used the T38 protocol functionality of the Quadro with the Voice Mailbox because we have better result than to used the MFP Thoshiba e studio 2007, even with ECM disabled and bit rate to 9600. Sometimes we also get a wav file instead of a tiff file.



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    Hi Pascal, Faxing is an old school analogue TDM technology, unfortunately it was never perfect at best and there were issues with distortion due to noise, line characteristics, events in the telephone exchange or other things that do happen from time to time. T38 faxing works when the ideals are occuring, when there is noise things go south very quickly and you end up with pages distorted, wav files instead of tiff files etc..

    If the fax occurs between an analogue TDM end point to the T38 end point then things like this can happen at random and you then chase your tail because it isnt anything that can be set to fix it - apart from driving to the analogue end and trying to fix their issues including the exchange and components between before the route is over T38 SIP routers.

    What I am trying to state is that there are too many factors out of your control to remedy this situation.

    Here in Australia, many businesses have removed their fax lines, retired the fax machines and are sending signed scanned documents or when they need to send original documents are sending via Australia Post and requesting signatures for reception.My own fax machine sits in the corner as a glorified printer. The Epygi Quadro and QX hardware is good and with the programming are great choices for business tools. The more business takes up on technology such as this, the better it will be for all of us technical solutions people.

    I know this doesnt fix your problem, just points to other areas that are outside of your control. Of course unless you are the linesman for the street cabling along all points, the telephone exchange technician maintaining all of the telephone exchanges, the cabler for all internal cabling and the fax machine supplier for all fax machines within the area of the business you serve and its suppliers / clients.

    Just a few things I have found on my travels......

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    Thank you for your long explanation about the hard way to get fax working great. But I do not understand why sending fax from the fax machine thosiba e-studio 2007 seems to be ok at 100% and not unified fax messages over IP.

    i.e. Fax statistics

    Paquets reçus: 0
    Paquets RX perdus: 0
    RX Bad Packets: 0
    RX Duplicate Packets: 0
    Paquets transmis: 131
    TX Duplicate Packets: 0
    Report: Fax workspace limit = 322560 B; Session details (SentCED, SentDIS, Timeout, SentDIS, Timeout, SentDIS, Timeout, SentDIS, Timeout, SentDCN ); Total Received Pages = 0

    Furthermore, it is difficult to say to my customer to ask to their customers to send request by email if faxing is not working.

    So, if I understand I have to say to my customer to go back and to install a PSTN line to put their fax on it.

    Thank you again for your try.


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