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Thread: QX50 Extension length

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    Default QX50 Extension length

    Good day,

    I am having trouble with the extension digit length on the QX50, the current firmware version running is 6.0.13

    I need to set up a standard 2 digit extension, however, under the "changeextlength.cgi" I only have the option between 3, 4, & 5 via the drop down menu.
    Is there a hidden page I can get to, or does this Epygi / firmware version deny the use of 2 digit extensions?

    The only reason running the 2 digit setup is due to the customer's request, and they are roughly 15 employees... I would prefer to make it happen.

    Any advice would be highly appreciated.


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    Go ahead and set the Epygi up for 3 digit exts. Then simply delete the exts and rebuild them as 2 digit exts. Be sure to add 2 digit dialing to the routing table.

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