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Thread: Upload call statistics to cloud storage or dropbox

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    Default Upload call statistics to cloud storage or dropbox


    We are very new to Epygi and still finding our way around it. I would very much appreciate it if any one could tell me , is it possible to upload the call statistics to a could storage service like drop box or box .com.
    so we may be able to download it and use it in some sort of call management program. also can anyone recommend a program that can analysis CDR logs and provide reports.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Dear Kayc,

    We don't have possibility to send files directly to Dropbox as it doesn't support FTP connection.
    You could do the following:
    Send the call statistics to your email account
    Then use Mail Attachment Downloader 2.4 freeware software for downloading and uploading call statistics attachments from your e-mail to your dropbox

    I would recommend you to use SVK CDR2Cloud billing system for CDR analysis. Quadro CDR files are fully supported by this system.
    Please see the link.



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    Default Another CDR billing system

    Hi Kayc,

    I have been working in this area for a few years and I have found that the following programme will do what you need and get the CDR data and rate it for you. It can use text files but also any database or http source:



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