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Thread: Bind extension or CRT rule with SIP account

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    Default Bind extension or CRT rule with SIP account


    Hi all,

    After creating a CRT or an extension to manage a second DID on a trunk sip, it is possible to reach the extension with a fax machine attached on it. The call to the fax machine start fine BUT after few seconds (4/5), we got a Close Reason : Authorization. The SIP User Agent logs show that an INVITE is sent back to the ITSP before negociating the T38 communication and then errors Request INVITE rejected by 481 response.

    So, the question is how to bind the 2 extensions (for 2 DID) or the CRT rule to a unique SIP account (only 1 username) to get authorized ?

    When we try to use the same username for the second extension we got Error : SIP Username already exist.

    A rule is create into the routing table to make outbound calls with UES and everything is ok for all outside calls including fax.

    Thanks in advance for your ideas.


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