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Thread: Setting display name - SNOM300

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    Default Setting display name - SNOM300

    Using the setting URL I can update my SNOM300's to boot into new settings loaded by the Quadro M8L based on their MAC address.

    My problem is that when I update an extension to use a new display name the SNOM300's display name field (for identity 1) does not update. Only the 'display text on idle screen' updates.

    Eg. Bob on extn 100 leaves the company. Steve takes Bob's phone and extension. I change Bob's name to Steve in the Quadro extension manager page. I factory reset the SNOM300 and load the new config. The identity has display name Bob and idle text Steve.

    If I create an extension from scratch, this is not an issue.

    Does anyone know why this is or am I going to have to keep using my 'deleting and recreating' workaround?


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    just factory reset the handset each time and it will refresh the handset - it is sometimes painful because of the key programming especially with SNOM 320/ 370 range if you have keys that are programmed direct at the handset..

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    You can Web to the phone and make that change

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