Hello Everybody,

I'm a beginner on Epygi product and I need your help.

I have to configure a call center for my company and I don't know how can do it.

We bought a Quadro IP PBX M32X and 4 IP Phones Yealink T22P.

We need that:

- For incoming calls: Our customers call the first number of the range and the distribution to be done according the availability of the phones
- For Outcoming calls: All numbers (phones) are able to call the subscribers

We contacted Vodacom (a cellular Operator) and they provided us the parameters:

- GW:
- SIP Server:
- Service Port: 5060
- PASSWORD: 12345
- NUMBERS RANGE: 0815586441-0815586445
- VLAN: 3939

I'm also available on skype: cedric.kwidi

Thank you for your assistance!

Cedric KWIDI