Dear all,
As I am a beginner to the Epygi products, I dont have more clear idea about Configuration settings.
I have configured the intercom system with TCS VDP (AVU940) and Quadro2*2 SIP server.
I have registered few Extensions & Few IP Lines in it.
I have also registered TCS APP in the SIP server with One of the already registered extension.
I have enabled ALL the incomingand Outgoing calls for all the registered devices.
I am getting the status of successful registration on both VDP and TCS APP.
But am unable to make calls from VDP to TCS APP.
I am getting Video on APP but while making Voice Call VDP is requesting for password.
It is giving the Voice Message as "ENTER THE PASSWORD AND PROCEED"
And I am unable to make calls....
Somebody please provide me the document to register the Extensions and SIP phones(Documents other than Administrators Manual& Installation Guide).
Please help me out..
Please help me urgently...