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Thread: Inbound jitter on Quadro M12Li

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    Post Inbound jitter on Quadro M12Li

    I am hoping someone can shed the light on this very strange issue.
    This system has been installed since last year October with no issues. 3 weeks ago we started with inbound jitter which is really bad... OUTBOUND calls being perfect.
    We VoIP calls out over a NeoInternet (1:1 contention ratio).
    Neotel say that there is nothing wrong with their fibre.
    Wanatel (Voip provider) say there is Nothing wrong on their side.
    the strange things are:
    1. The 4 x T28P phones on the system are 100 fine with ALL inbound calls. The T21P asnd RTX ISERVE DECT PHONES are having a issue. Set up with same Codecs ect.
    2. If i dial from Wanatel to Wanatel the inbound call is 100%, but from other external number the T21P and ISERVE calls are inaudible.(bad jitter)

    I have attached logs for an inbound call for ext 971
    Any Ideas?

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    Which codec are you using for other external number to SIP calls?

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