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    Have a couple of problems but let's start with the strange one.

    My M32 was working flawlessly for more then two years until recently..suddenly it could not connect to one of my PSTN providers (two were working fine), could not use weekly call report (only numbered one) i decided to reset and reprogram it..Replaced that one with 16Xi one which was programmed as a mirror image of M32. Unfortunately it is not working as M32, all incoming calls are interrupted by AA asking for the local extension. M32 was ringing on all extensions and anyone could pick the call. I spend a day trying to fix it but to no avail, disabled 00 AA, toggled all settings i can think change...we are global sales company and it creates havoc with inbound calls because clients do not know local extensions. Puzzling bit is that the settings are identical on both servers (M32 and 16 Xi) any ideas?

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    Solved....Virtual line to my Voip provider (incoming number holder) go to Supplementary Services/Caller ID Based services then click on "Unconditional Call Forwarding" Enable it and edit to route to the Real attached Line (make it ring all group) . In my case it was routing to 00 AA.

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