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Thread: Call Blocking Table - increase size of table?

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    Default Call Blocking Table - increase size of table?


    Whilst I wait for a reply from my local rep - I thought I would ask the Forum.

    Quadro 2x. Long time customer.

    I am now using the Call Blocking feature more often nowadays - lots of spam calls - and it's great that I can block them.

    But, I have now come up against the hard limit of 32 entries. Seems quite a low limit.

    Any thoughts to increase this in future firmware?

    Or, is there a model in the range that has a larger limit than 32 entries?


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    use PFSense with country blocking before the 2x and it will allow many many more entries to play with... rather than the 2x

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    Thanks - do you mean purchase a product from

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    Quote Originally Posted by mahacker View Post
    Thanks - do you mean purchase a product from
    Only if you need to... if you have an old retired PC, a Pentium4 CPU, 1 gig ram, atleast a 20 gig hdd, a second network interface card the PFSENSE ISO found at :

    Then once it is installed use the PF Blocker module -
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    I may give you a call to help out.

    But, I still think it would be preferred that epygi increase the table size (there is plenty of spare RAM in my box) - and would be interested to hear if the newer (bigger?) models have a larger table. Anyone know this?

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    I can even sell you a purpose built appliance that also has PFSense on it - solid state with 3 year warranty if you prefer that to an alternative to the PC build.... happy to even make it VoIP Friendly, with the PF Blocker module installed.

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    I started to play with PFSense and whilst it may have great features, I didn't want to introduce yet another element to the network (to solve this specific problem).

    So, I got in touch with the Epygi folks and got a great reply - which I thought I would share (I think they would be OK with this) in case others come across the same issue;


    Actually the Caller ID Based services were not intended for building a big list of phone numbers to be blocked. A better option for your scenario would be probably configuring that in call routing. If you know where the spam calls come from (SIP, FXO, …), create a rule for inbound calls and set "filter on source". Here you can enter the exact number to be blocked or enter the number with wildcards (in that case the whole number group can be blocked). As a destination for those calls set some virtual extension with disabled voice mail. In this case the spammer will hear: "number dialed temporarily unavailable" and then the call will be disconnected. The max number of call routing records is 800.

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    Seems you can manually change the width of table columns in the editor. But this isn't reflected on the frond end. The width of the columns are stuck. The have a width you can not change in the editor. For example, one column has style="width:35px" in the td tag. Whatever I do, it doesn't change vivavideo
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