I'm having the same problem as the thread here http://forum.epygi.com/showthread.ph...mote-extension but when trying to implement TLS

If I connect a Snom 320 as a remote extension via normal non-tls port ipaddress:5060 then everything works fine - on the "Quadro Status - IP Lines Registration Status" page the remote extension is correctly registered as the Remote WAN IP.

However, If I set the registration to the Epygi TLS port using outbound proxy as sips:ipaddress:5061 then it registers fine there is no audio, "Quadro Status - IP Lines Registration Status" reports the local LAN ip e.g. - so there is no audio.

The workaround in the other thread was to use STUN from what I understand - but this is not a fix as calls take up to 30 seconds to establish as STUN is fixing up the IP address each time....

How can i use TLS with a remote extension and have the Epygi register the remote extension on the correct ip address????