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Thread: ACD Agent DND Timeout

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    Question ACD Agent DND Timeout

    Is it possible to change the default ACD Agent Timeout? The system default seems to be 30 seconds. I'm currently using a QX200 with ACD licensed. When the agents change their status to "DND," it only lasts 30 seconds and their status returns to "online," as seen in SMR. The reason I'm asking is because DND is the only status that applies to all ACD groups at once. We're using 12 ACD groups, so the agents would have to log into each ACD group (via phone) and update their status in each one, which would take a long time. If they could change their status to "DND," it would apply to call ACD groups at once.

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    Currently, we are doing enhancements in our ACD service. We are releasing next month the new ACD version including the web clients for the ACD agents. This new version is more feature rich and simplifies many things for ACD agents and supervisors. It will also change the default 30 seconds and will connect it with Agent's Extension DND timeout(by default 30 minutes) and Agent status will be defined for all Groups. These enhancements will be included only in QX product line.

    Please follow our feature releases, hope you will be interested in this.


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    Thanks Levon. Would you happen to have any idea when the new version will be released?

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