Does anyone know how we can do two things with the QX200 CDR Archiving to FTP?

1) We can choose a unique interval that the CDR are uploaded, like 10 minutes, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, etc. We want to do this every 1 day. But we want to specify what time the CDR should be pushed to the FTP server. How do we control the time the upload occurs? If we have the option to select how often the records are to be sent via FTP or email, we should be provided the ability to set the start time. At least I think that seems logical enough.

2) Is there a way to test the FTP settings from the QX200 itself? We can connect to the FTP server using the credentials with an FTP client like FileZilla, but we have no way to know if the QX200 is able to connect. Up until March 31st, the QX200 was successfully connecting and uploading to one FTP server, and now that a different FTP server is in play, no CDR uploads have occurred. Again, we have verified connection credentials are correct by using FileZilla. We need to force the upload so that we can try to see why it seems to be failing to connect.

Thanks in advance...