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Thread: wrong binding-IP-address using remote extension

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    Unhappy wrong binding-IP-address using remote extension

    Hi All,

    please, help me with the following problem:

    My client uses a Quadro 2x2 in her main location and 1x Grandstream GXV3140 in a remote office which is connected directly to the Quadro as a remote extension:

    | Quadro 2x2 | --- WAN --- | Grandstream remote ext.|

    So far, all is working fine. The 3140 gets registered at the Quadro with the WAN IP address of the remote office Internet address, e.g. e120 -

    Now, we wanted to install a Courtesy phone at the remote office using another remote extension. The settings were similar to the first remote extension but when this phone registers, it gets registered with an internal LAN 'binding-IP-address, e.g.

    | Quadro 2x2 | --- WAN --- | remote ext. 1| - correct WAN binding-IP-address
    | | --- WAN --- | remote ext. 2| - wrong binding address, internal 192.168...

    I've tried this with 2 different IP phones, another Grandstream GXV 3140 as well as a YeaLink T22P (the phone which should be used) but get the same results with both phones.

    So, what am I missing?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.


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    Default Example of remote

    • UDP port forwarding needs to occur for each device on the remote side
      • Remote Ext 1 - External port 5060 - internal port 5060
      • Remote Ext 2 - External port 5061 - internal port 5060
      • Remote Ext 3 - External port 5062 - internal port 5060

    Externally the Epygi would see the following:

    • Ext 1@
    • Ext 2@
    • Ext 3@

    In your port forwarding tables you also need to include the RTP stream - 6000 to 6099

    If you want to include high security instead of leaving the remote site open I would suggest locking the remote site down to only accept the IP address of the Wan side of the Epygi the same would need to be performed on the Epygi and router to ensure security

    Hopefully that makes sense

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    Hi again,

    thanks for your reply. I'm not sure if I understood correctly what you meant. Here's a more detailed description about the setup I'm dealing with:

    === Epygi 2x2 ===
    internally and externally (remote 1) - all working fine
    manual NAT traversal


    Port forwarding 5060 to Epygi UDP SIP
    Port forwarding 6000-6099 to Epygi RTP ports


    Router at remote office
    port forwarding to ext. 1 5060 to 5060 int. ext 1
    port forwarding to ext. 2 5062 to 5060 int. ext 2
    port forwarding 6000-6019 to 6000-6019 ext 1
    port forwarding 6020-6039 to 6020-6039 ext 2


    Remote ext. 1
    SIP port 5060
    RTP ports 6000-6019
    all working fine

    Remote ext. 2
    SIP port 5060
    RTP ports 6020-6099
    SIP registrations works but Epygi registers wrong binding IP address

    So, in my opinion, all port forwardings are done correctly but obviously, I must have overseen something...

    Thanks for any help.


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    I would change the SIP port on the second(Yealink) remote phone to 5062, so in your example:
    Remote ext. 2
    SIP port 5062
    RTP ports 6020-6099

    Also make sure that STUN and "rPort" are enabled on Yealink phone.

    On Quadro config, keep "RTP Proxy" and "Symmetric RTP" enabled in remote extension settings.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Vahan,

    thanks you very much!!! This finally did the trick! The Yeahlink phone is now seen with the remote IP address by the Quadro.

    Awesome! Will test it now.

    Again, thank you so much!

    The challenge now is to understand what this was all about. ;-)


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