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Thread: 4th 5th and so on Phones not registering

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    Post 4th 5th and so on Phones not registering

    Hi team,
    Three phones on epygi are working fine.
    Any thing after that are not able to register.
    Any ideas?

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    yes, plenty of structured ideas, fill in the gaps with your system setup so someone could make constructive replies.

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    sorry buddy , i am new to the system.

    Its a very basic configuration
    2 FXO lines
    no VOIP involved

    All i did is just registered the phones and can't register any more than 3 handsets.

    Default configuration, not much changed.
    I tried different steps and came to the conclusion that the system is not accepting more than 3 Phones
    The extension are XXX i:e 111, 112,113 and so on.

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    Go to Extension Management and ensure you have more than 3 x extension entries, with IP lines attached

    111, IP LINE 1
    112, IP LINE 2
    113, IP LINE 3
    114, IP LINE 4


    If you have a 2x2 - there should be 20 x IP Lines available at default if purchased from Alloy / reseller of Alloy


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    Thanks for the info

    The unit is a 4L.
    I have IP Line going all the way till 28
    111, IP LINE 1
    112, IP LINE 2
    113, IP LINE 3
    114, IP LINE 4

    128, IP line 28

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    are the IP LInes active or showing as disabled ?

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    I also have a similar problem, all IP lines are assigned and active but have two phones that do not register.
    All phones are ATL Berkshire 5000 and although old are supported.
    It appears to be only a registration issue and the settings in the phone for registration are the same as those on the other phones which point to the pbx IP as the registration server.
    Is there a specific log I can see which shows why the registration failed??

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    try looking at the ids log....

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    ids log is there another name cause I cant find anything in a search for a custom log

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    Check under firewall filters - blocked IP list.

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