Hi Guys/gals

I have been reading through the manuals , and searching for answers through the forums. I have been struggling getting my devices to even communicate properly. [yep .... my first asterisk installation ever]

I have limited sip knowledge , so single one line answers I struggle with. [like 'just put an incoming and outgoing routing rule in the routing table']

My set up is.

[Lines connected]
isdnline 1 [indial enabled] line number xyz 444 000
isdnline 2 [indial enabled] line number xyz 444 000
isdnline 3 [no indial] line number xyz 456 789
isdnline 4 [no indial] line number xyz 456 789
[the 4 lines above connected to Epygi Gateway QXISDN4]
[Wan port connected to the same subnet as an asterisk trixbox-se pbx]

So questions re ISDN
Q1 Do I set all lines a PTMP isdn or PTP isdn lines [my guess PTP]?
Q2 Do I set 'MSN' or 'no MSN' [ is I suspect no MSN on the non indial lines ] but on the Indial ISDN lines do I set no MSN and let the asterisk use the clid to route the call to DID numbers? If I want all did incoming calls to go to the asterisk [as I am not using any AA fetures in the QXISDN4], then I don't need to use the MSN feature in the QXISDN4, I assume.
Q3 My DID numbers are 000 to 099, and my extension numbers are 100- 199 , should I add the change the prefix to 100 to 199 in the QXISDN4 or the pbx? Seems I should add it in the pbx ,I'm not sure how to do this yet.

So questions re SIP Trunk
Q4 Does the QXISDN4 maintain a sip connection or does it only register when needed?
Q5 I am assuming the pbx registers with the Gateway , or does the gateway register with the PBX or does it register both ways [ or only when a call is presented?].
Q6 the manual warns against no passwords but , the forum answers I read say don't use a password in the pbx end and make sure you allow anomonous invites in the general settings tab. This seems conflicting as though the QZISDN4 does not seem to have a secret input box. If I want better security how do I do it?

Question RE routing table
Q7 The routing entry filter I am using for incoming calls is "*" meaning any , should it be "0**" or "0NN" or "0xx". Since my outgoing routing entry filter is also set to "*" , I don't know how the QXISDN4 can make a decision since both entries are currently "*" or doesn't that matter due to destinations?

A general setup step by step guide would be nice and would stop a lot of mis configurations[hours of wasted time] by many people over the years.

I have only the weekend to get this working, so I have no support from my supplier till Monday due to no support after business hours [ Monday , cut over day]

Any help is appreciated.

[meanwhile , I will default everything and start again]