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Thread: Quadro 6L latest available firmware

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    Default Quadro 6L latest available firmware

    Am a bit confused as to what the latest available firmware version is for the Quadro 6L.

    Currently running 5.3.11 but do not seem to be able to find any higher downloadable versions on the net.

    Traditionally have gone to Alloy's firmware depository where they have 5.3.11, but they also have a separate folder called 5.3.20 with a .bin file labelled FXOPBX (which sorta sounds generic rather than specific).

    To confuse things a little bit more, the events log reports a new firmware version 5.3.22 available by automatic update, but I can't seem to find a standalone downloadable version of this.

    Every search for 5.3.22 points me to the Quadro 2x firmware and I am hesitant to touch this as it may stufff up the Quadro 6L.

    Does anybody have any ideas what might be the latest firmware available?



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    The latest FW for Quadro6L is 5.3.22: Quadro Line > Quadro IP PBX Products > Quadro6L > Software > 5.3.22 SW

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    Thanks for the link - its good to know that there is a firmware file around somewhere.

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