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Thread: DCC capacity on Q4xi

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    Default DCC capacity on Q4xi


    what is the watched extension capacity on a quadro 4xi
    for both basic and pro DCC
    and the max per system


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    Quadro4xi: 30 for pro and 6 for basic

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    Thanks Ashot

    the maximum subscription limit ( BLF and MWI ) is 180 on a 4xi

    does the number of watched extensions , using DCC, be part of this limit ?

    best regaards

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    in fact my question was stupid

    i have activated trial license and we can see that active subscriptions increase , each time a DCC software is launched

    BUT i am surprised by the great number of subscriptions !!
    when launching a basic DCC with 6 watched extensions, the total number of BLF subscriptions is increased by 14 !!

    the total limit of 180 subscriptions will be reached very quickly
    and all users will not be able to use DCC

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    You could always go to the generalconfig.cgi hidden page and increase the subscription count

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    Yes i thought about that, but epygi warns that quadro can become unstable !

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