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Thread: 4.1.33 gain problem on AASTRA

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    Hi, I make
    upgrade on 3 Quadro2x with firmware 4.1.33 with 36 AASTRA phone. I know is a
    very bad Idea!

    Now I have a problem with the Handset Gain
    TX on aastra phone, i need remove 5db on
    each phone.

    Can you set the great setting on aastra.cfg file on the Quadro, or allow us to
    modify the config file in the Quadro before upload on the AASTRA phone.

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    Dear Sparxnet,

    I’m skipping your last statements, because
    it is not forum discussion, and switching to your problems with the gains on
    AAstra phones. (By the way, you are happy with Epygi when advertising your service on Epygi’s forum and
    talking about your pocket when you don’t like the gain settings on AAstra – it is
    not fair).

    The latest Quadro images don’t generate any gain settings
    for AAstra, therefore it is strange that after upgrade to 4.1.33 firmware
    something has been changed in these settings. After Quadro upgrade and
    automatic download of configuration the gain settings on AAstra should be the
    same as before upgrade (please check that). We are not planning to configure
    automatically the gain settings on AAstra because those settings on AAstra are
    relative to some default value and if the default is changed by AAstra (at
    least it happened once) then the resulting absolute value of the gain may
    change as well. However, we are planning to allow the users to get access to IP
    phone configuration on Quadro and make manually configuration changes in the file
    which will be uploaded automatically to IP phones from Quadro.

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