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Thread: Change 'SIP Display Info' field

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    We support several Epygi Quadro 2X2 systems.
    We have just changed to a VOIP line ourselves and have noticed that the extension name seems to be passed through to our system when they call.
    After investigation this appears to be from the 'SIP Display Info' field in the Message Header.
    Is there a way to stop this from being sent so that it is only the external number instead?

    From: "Sarah" <>;tag=1406018258f714274f-0f8a-43e4-9b7b-e64c8e1ac1c9
    SIP Display info: "Sarah"
    SIP from address:
    SIP from address User Part: ExternalNumber
    SIP from address Host Part:

    Thanks in advance

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    It could be many reasons, in general Settings the display name, on the routing table, that your VoIP provider Enters that header, could you be more specific, also when the calls appears with "SaraH", and this happend when are internal or external calls.

    Best regards.

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    "P-Asserted" ID can be modified under the generalconfig.cgi hidden page from memory

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