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Thread: password in persistent area v. 4.1.33

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    Where is the option (Store password in persistent area (Factory reset save).) in user right management on version 4.1.33

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    To have mentioned option need to call "userpsw.cgi" with "showall=1" parameter. For example:

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    why make that more complicated!


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    Sparxnet, the reason is thattoo muchQuadro users forgot their passwords after saving them in factory reset save areaand there is no way to recover it, even by factory reset. We were forced to make some special images losing ourtime and resourses in orderto recover their passwords. This ispreventive step from our side, we just hide that checkboxfromend-users, but the checkbox is still available on hidden pageforour distributors/resellers. I think this excuse is good enough for inconvenience you'll have.

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    Now! Do you have the complet list of all hidden page and all hidden setting I need to install and manage the Quadro.

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    Actually it's possible to install and manage Quadro even without accessing any hidden pages.Hidden pages are designed for fine tuning and setting some parameters, that are differ from the standards and RFCs, also for diagnostic purposes, so we can somehow compensate the wrong behaviour of other services/equipments and insure their compability with Quadro.To do some changes on that pages you need to have some basic knowledge about that parameters. Currently we are preparing a document about hidden pages with explanations and that document will be available in our WEB very soon.
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