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Thread: unable to pickup rining call on MER call after hanging up current call

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    Default unable to pickup rining call on MER call after hanging up current call

    Our users reported the below problem I've looked everywhere and I can't seem to find the setting that is causing the issue.

    ext: 10 (is a MER which rings on ext 11 and ext 12 both are Snom 300 / 320 handsets with current epygi recommended firmware)

    1) ext 11 is on an active call
    2) calls comes in to ext 10 (which blinks the line light on ext 11 to indicate a waiting call)
    3) user on ext 11 hangs up the active call so she can pickup the ringing call (maybe a bout 5 seconds or so after the 2nd call rings)
    4) The call on ext 11 is still ringing on ext 12. However it no longer rings on ext 11! User is not able to pickup that call unless they run over to ext 12. Same problem ocurs on ext 12

    This seems to indicate is not on ext 11 / 12. I've tried delete ext 10 and 11 with no changes.

    How / where do I fix this?


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    Ben? Check how the call path from the Call Routing Table (CRT) and see where it points to the Extension Routing Table (ERT). Go to that routing table entry and check the advanced settings of the group areas.

    Also check the group pickup area for those extensions under the ERT area and verify the extensions are in the same pick up group.

    Other than that call on a 3rd party to help you diagnose and rectify it.

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    Hi Kev,

    Thanks for the tip, I'll take another look at it more closely.

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