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Thread: ADSL Redundancy for Quadro "HELP URGENT"

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    Default ADSL Redundancy for Quadro "HELP URGENT"

    Hi all, How can I set up a backup ADSL connection for Quadro? I have an Edimax router in bridge mode in front of the Quadro The Quadro is being used has the Router. I with like to add a back up adsl connection using a 2nd Edimax Router in bridge mode.

    So I will have 2 Edimax Routers in bridge mode connected to a Tp link R470t+ multi wan router ( or possibly a Draytek) and then have the Quadro behind the Dual Wan Router.

    Will this work ? What is the best way to provide a back ADSl connection for the quadro.

    Thanks in advance


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    use a reliable business grade ethernet product rather than cheap "best effort" adsl technology.

    But thats my 2 cents over...

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    Hi thanks for the reply
    WE are unable to get any services at this client location except ADSL , No fiber or Microwave and Diginet is too expensive for its offering ...

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    Im unsure which area you are in but there are routers that can handle PPOE/PPOA DSL technology.

    I can confirm that the Yawarra Alix 2-3 range of Firewall routers with PFSense will work exactly as you need - for around $438 Aud. PFSense has fail over capabilities and is very SIP Friendly.

    I use these extensively over any other router / firewall that I have utilised.

    You still need to provide adsl modems in bridge mode as the alix 2-3 are ethernet in and out - throughput is close to 100 meg both ways ( 98 meg down 92 up ).


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    HI Thank you for the reply. I value your suggestions before we decide to install Epygi products In South Africa I have often read your comments and they defiantly reflect your in-depth understanding of this product so thank you again.

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    I am unsure who you can get an Alix 2-3 router from with PFSense loaded, but if you get a yesteryear PC and ensure it has 3 x NICs, a 1 to 2 Ghz CPU, 1 to 2 Gig ram, and a 20 Gig +- hard drive in it. You can have a decent firewall that doesnt cost the earth which will do exactly as needed above.

    PFSense, is a very good alternative to some name brands that cost years of training and funds. It is well supported and mature with many features that are needed for vital SIP connectivity.

    I have deployed high availability fail over at one of my customers that has 5 locations. They all talk back to 1 site the head office and connect to their system one I didnt sell so its another brand not Epygi , but none the less they have 2 x ADSL 2+ business connections at all sites other than the main site which has a 10/10 mb pipe. The Alix2-3's handle fail over from 1 x business ADSL2+ link to the next - in real time.

    Customer just continues as per normal whilst the engineers start scrambling to fix the problem within the SLA's.

    There are a few settings in PFSense to ensure that your SIP deployment works well - those settings are on the PFSense website and forum - or you could pm me and I will help if I can.

    Combine this solution with your Epygi installations and you can expect a happy customer as mine are.


    Again, this is just 1 of the many solutions that are available to you, I am sure there are many more.


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    Depending on your number of users and volume of inter-office calls, you might consider just placing the Quadro in a datacenter and have your extensions register remotely.

    Chances are that even with multiple DSL providers, one likely depends on the other (e.g. in the US, mindspring uses AT&T's physical lines). So if one goes down, the other will too. In an extended power outage or trouble with the CO on your block, both would go out.

    With the quadro in a DC, you can fail more gracefully and when your remote extensions can't be reached, take a voicemail or forward to cel phones, etc. Or in an extended outage, your folks could take the phones somewhere else and continue working.

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