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Thread: Clean DHCP leased address space

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    Default Clean DHCP leased address space


    Is there a way to clean inactive DHCP address leases, especially the ones whose "Binding State" is released?

    I am aware of the the work-around mentioned at but there has to be a better way to reclaim unused IPs for other devices.

    On some DHCP lease tables certain IPs are still there for months, and new devices cannot claim them.

    IP Address Lease start Lease end Binding state Tue Aug 12 14:39:25 2014 Tue Aug 19 14:39:25 2014 released Wed Aug 06 15:35:09 2014 Wed Aug 13 15:35:09 2014 released Sat Jul 05 22:06:30 2014 Sat Jul 12 22:06:30 2014 released

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    Those released IP addresses will be removed from the "DHCP Leases table" and will be again available when all IP address from DHCP pool expired.

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