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Thread: Call drops after random time - no call end Details listed in Call Statistics

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    Default Call drops after random time - no call end Details listed in Call Statistics

    I'm trying to diagnose call drop issue for some Snom 320 handset (running firmware 8.4.35). These phones are auto provisioned by the Epygi (latest 5.3.64 firmware) via DHCP tftp settings.

    The issue is the call will drop for no reason after a random amount of time (could be a few seconds or after many minutes). In some cases the call is dropped as soon as the call is picked up!

    Another might be related issue is when calls that have been parked are being picked up (by dialing the parked extension) the call is immediately disconnected / drop out. The call can be left on park forever without dropping out so that is not the problem. A parked call can be picked up on one of the working phone (which has no issues) and then placed on parked again with no problem in dropping out. However if it is pickup on one of the problematic phone, it will immediately drop out!

    Under the Call Statistics->Successful Calls->Details column there are no reason listed (it is blank) for how the call ended. How do I tell how those call are ended?

    I have tried comparing the settings on the Snom phones and can't see any difference. The setting are whatever the Epygi gave it.

    Please point me in some direction as I'm pulling my hair out!

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    If it is the same extension(s) all the time Ben, why not wireshark the switch that the handset is connected to and see what a failed log looks like and compare it to a known good one.. or you could use the sip ua logs to find out where etc...


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    Hi Kev,

    That is what I'm going to do next, just wanted some clue on what to look for. I will also be checking the UA log (saw mentioned in another thread). I su[pect is a config problem with the latest firmware auto provisioning, as the others handsets that were provisioned ages ago are not affected.

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    might also be the run of handsets. Check the mac addresses, and see if the ones that work are in mac addresses that are similar and the ones that do not work are the ones that are in another range.

    On another note, I heard that TPG are offering 10/10 meg pipes for 218 per month.


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    Hi Kev,

    You may be on to something! Thinking about it the affected handsets were replacement ones purchased at around the same same time. The old one which the keypad faded didn't seem to have any issues. Also some of the new handset were having issues with picking up park calls as well (which may be unrelated).

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