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Thread: Partition Quadro or QX

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    Default Partition Quadro or QX

    Here is the scenario with two co-located entities who wish to share a Quadro or QX.

    Two companies have decided to share office space for a limited amount of time. Since the place is already cabled and furnished, they wish to share a Quadro or QX until one of them moves out.

    One of the companies had done so in the past, with a third company at another location, so they claim it is possible. As far as I understand it's possible with a single shared admin. But their IT staff demands separate admin accounts.

    • Is there a way that two or more admin accounts can be created to manage a Quadro or QX ?
    • Ideally the admin accounts, will not have visibility at each others' SIP trunks, extensions, IVRs, etc ?

    The two admins will have to agree on numbering their extensions in such a way to avoid numbering conflicts.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Dear Tilefono,

    Currently, we don't support multiple admin accounts.
    The only thing I could suggest you, to grant some access and features for localadmin. You need to login as admin and configure it from System->User Rights Management page.


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    Dear Levon,

    If I understand this properly, there can only be a single Admin and a single LocalAdmin. There is no way currently to add a second LocalAdmin.

    But even if we could, there would be no point, since each localadmin can either see certain CGIs or not.

    Is there a way, for two localadmins to be able to look at all the same CGIs but at different config / data sets for two or more different entities?

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion and help.

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    Dear Tilefono,

    Yes, you are right currently we have only a single Admin and a single LocalAdmin. There is no way to add second localAdmin.


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