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    Default Music on Hold

    Is there a way to decrease the MOH volume. Many customers complain about it being too loud

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    Yes, you can decrease it from the phone.


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    Doug if it is because of the MOH being played to the PSTN lines? if so there are gain controls to adjust that, else recording the MOH file again and down scaling the audio as needed.



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    Also, music converted via the Epygi Media Streamer is always "fuzzy". Just never a clear, crisp sound

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    Hi KSComs, I have a client with a 4X and I have converted a file using EMS, it plays fine on the PC, but when I upload it to the Epygi it doesn't play, I have uploaded the message from the Upload Universal Extension Recordings option and I have rebooted the system too, still no go, the system only plays the default music, I have also tried to upload to the individual users, and yes there is a USB on the system 8G.
    By the way the system is running Boot loader: 2.3.23/Release, Firmware Version: 5.1.39/Release it is a bit of an old box, I know..
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance

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    Is fixed, I found another post from ASHOT and i found a doc File ConfiguringQuadrotoSendOwnMOH-Rev1.2-MedRes.pdf and I just needed to force hold music
    Thanks ASHOT

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