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    I need to upgrade the license key of a redundancy server. According to the docs, I need to access the backup redundancy server which is the QX1000 we have. The document specifies to change the mode of the backup server but I can't even access it from the web browser due to the server asking for virtual IP address non existent in the network. How do I go about accessing it? Do I need to have a local computer with static IP configured in the same subnet to access it? It does not sound very user friendly.

    Thank you for any help.

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    Dear Tljones,

    Please see the link to download our help document about redundancy.

    You need to add an IP to your PC (from Redundancy Virtual IP Subnet), in order to have access to your backup device.
    As soon as you get WEB GUI access, you need to change backup device mode from Active to Passive in order to be able to make license key upgrades.



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    Thanks LevonD. That is the document I am looking at. I'll give this a shot and let you know. Thank you again.

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