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Thread: Sending recording via FTP

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    Default Sending recording via FTP

    Any idea what I need to do to get the recordings off the recording box onto a QNAP device, I've tried using anonymous login method and a password, in the QNAP FTP logs I see a successful login and then a disconnect, in the EPYGI i see nothing under logs, the files get's queued to transmission but just stays on the SD card.

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    Hi LavAzza,

    We have tested it with "FileZilla" FTP server, the records are uploaded to FTP server and after the session is disconnected.
    You can see the logs of FTP transmission on EPYGI by going to Maintenance--->System_Logs and in this page in the box under the "Show Custom Log:" type "vms.log" and pres "Show Custom Log:".
    In order to move Recorded Calls from SD card to FTP server in the "Recording Storage Settings" page you can choose "FTP Mode" radio button.


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    Problem was that the EPYGI had all the failed FTP Transfers "stuck" and after a reboot and connected it to a different FTP Server (FileZilla) it flushed out all the requests that was stuck previously.

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    Dear LavAzza

    What do you mean? "it flushed out all the requests that was stuck previously".
    The recordings are moved to new FTP server(FileZilla), or they are just deleted from the EPYGI PBX?


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