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Thread: VPN only worked once

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    Default VPN only worked once

    Hi Guys
    I have Quadro M8L with SW-MIPPBXLE-0503-6400 and I'm unable to get VPN working. Here is my scenario:
    I created a VPN client and tried connecting, it worked once then when I tried to connect again it fails, I have tried this from IOS device and for WIN7 pc and it is the same issue, I also factory defaulted the system and still the same.
    Please help me

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    Hi Greengo1

    We have tested VPN connection between "Quadro M8L(SW 5.3.64) and Win7" it worked fine.
    Please send my your email address, I will send you a document which step-by-step will instruct you how to configure it.


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    Hi David,
    Thanks for your fast response, I have been able to get it working again, I was configuring it as a DHCP client from a Fibre modem and for some reason it was giving me grief, but now that is connected to as permanent DSL service doing the authentication is 100 % functional.

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