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    I have a Quadro M8L. How do I block incoming calls from a specific callerid to all users?

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    Hi Tom,

    To solve this task, take one of your virtual extensions(ex. 155), go to ext.155 user settings, add new Caller ID Based Services:
    Call type: PSTN
    Address: 123456(the number of PSTN phone which you need to block)
    Press save.
    Now for that added number chose Incoming Call Blocking, and set "Enable Service" check box and .
    For 'Other Addresses' choose "Unconditional Call Forwarding" and add the following:
    Call type: Auto
    Forward to:00(just an example)
    Press save and check "Enable Service" box to turn on UCFW for all other addresses, except the blocked PSTN Number.
    Then, go to Telephony->FXO Settings choose for the FXO line(from which the unwanted call comes) and Route incoming FXO call to 155 Extension.
    So, in this case all your incoming calls from FXO line would be forwarded to Ext.155, then if the call has come from 123456 number it would be blocked, but other calls would be passed and forwarded to 00 (Attendant).



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    Thank you Davit. I shall try this. tk

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    As the original poster stated, "how do you block incoming calls from a specific callerid to all users?"
    While the answer from Davit_M about creating an additional caller id based service does work somewhat, it only works on a per-extension basis.
    When you have a lot of extensions, and multiple callers to block, this solution is not very practical as it would require a lot of hands-on.

    In our case, we have a virtual extension that acts a RING/HUNT group. When calls come in, the virtual has MER defined so the actual physical extensions are just ringing members.

    What about blocking at the PBX level so that a feature code (much like *73) will tell the PBX to block the last caller to a global block list?
    With some type of global list, when the PBX processes incoming calls, it can do a global lookup of the block list and either permit or deny accordingly.


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