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Thread: Latest firmware 4.1.33 very slow with AA

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    A few days ago we upgraded to firmware V 4.1.33 (from 4.1.28). Since the upgrade we have noticed a considerable delay with the AA feature when routed thoughour custom IVR scenario. Basically when the callergets to the point of selecting the option they want (which should then call the extension) there is a delay of up to 12 seconds before the extension begins to ring.

    This was definatley not happening with the previous firmware.

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    Could you please open a TSS ticket and attach some logs there ? We need to investigate that problem in our testlab, because the only complains we have regarding thisfeature is from you.

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    After some further investigation it seems that the issue is not with the firmware but with Hot Call 1.7 (which was the reason for upgrading the firmware).

    Despite all attempts to install Hot Call 1.7as advised in previous forum posts, it still gives a "type mismatch" error whenever it is launched or there is an incoming call.

    Hot Callwasattached to extension 15 which is also the incoming line at the end of the AA. I have now uninstalled Hot Call and the delay on extension 15 ringing has now disappeared.

    Thanks for your reply just the same.

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