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Thread: how to auto reboot snom phones after provisioning without manual confirmation

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    Default how to auto reboot snom phones after provisioning without manual confirmation

    I have the below problem with provisiong snom phones via DHCP

    I do a factory reset of the snom phone (version 8 firmware). It then pickups up HDCP and config settings as it should. However the problem is it will then sit there with a prompt "Apply setting changes?" (requiring manual intervention). It will not continue until someone press the OK or cancel button on the phone!

    Most of our phones are remotely located also if we need to do this after hours no one would be there to press ok. Snom support (on their forum) suggest that the setting should be set to on in the config file (in this case supplied by the epygi).

    Am I doing something wrong or is the epygi not sending this setting in the auto provisioning config file?

    BTW is anyone from epygi around, my last few posts does not seem to receive any love
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    Hi Ben,

    Out of interest, does the IP LINE Templates allow for auto prov validate within? Just a thought or have you considered to use a tftp server and use option 66 to point the handsets to that server for provisioning and turn off pnp, config on the Epygi?



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    Hi Kev,

    Sorry I kind of forgot to reply to you on this. Yes we are auto provisioning via DHCP Option 66 with TFTP pointing to the Eygi (one of the only way it can work in our environment). The DHCP file config looks like the below:

                    # Match Snom M9 by first 7 characters of the "vendor-class-identifier"
                    if substring(option vendor-class-identifier , 0 , 7) = "snom m9"
                             option tftp-server-name "";
                            # Set the name of the Snom M9 Config file
                            option bootfile-name "ipeconfig/{mac}.xml";
                    # Match All other Snom phones by first 4 characters of the "vendor-class-identifier"
                    elsif substring(option vendor-class-identifier , 0 , 4) = "snom"
                             option tftp-server-name "";
                            # Set the name of the Snom (300 & 320) Config file
                            option bootfile-name "snom.cgi?mac={mac}";

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