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Thread: Mirrored Local/Remote Extension

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    Default Mirrored Local/Remote Extension

    Epygi literature often says:

    "all extensions assigned to a line may be mirrored and act as remote IP extensions."

    We have a user who works in the office and at home over VPN, and what we want is for both or her extensions to ring together (on the same extension number) and for both to be busied out when one handset is lifted off.

    The strange thing is, the word 'mirror' does not appear in Epygi technical literature anywhere, and is not used in these forums in that way.

    When I am setting up a new extension, an IP line which is already in use is not available on the pull down menus. Once I did manage to get two extensions assigned to a single IP Line, by accident - somehow.

    What are the keywords I should be using when searching the forum? Any pointers on where to start with this would be appreciated.



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    Well, in order to understand this better, look at it from a different perspective.

    The user has a single extension at the office which is attached to an IP Line or FXS port. That is how he gets inbound calls when in the office. At home, his extension has Remote settings which allow another SIP UA to register to the extension itself. To get the credentials for it, set up a username & password pair, ideally different from the main ones, at the SIP Remote Extension Settings of the extension.

    In essence, when an inbound calls comes in, the user's extension sends it to it's associated IP Line or FXS port, and to the SIP UA which happens to be registered on it. When the Remote Registration process has properly functioned once, an (R) is displayed right next to the IP Line X (R) that was setup for remote registration.

    I hope this clarified it a bit.

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    you are looking for " Remote Extension Settings" it can be found under the "Remote settings" under the extension setting.

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