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Thread: Time Configuration between Epygi /Phones

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    I'm a french technician, so sorry for my english.

    I have a problem with the time on Epygi Quadro 4x. I use Sntp server and client, the GMT was good but on my phones there is always a difference of 1 hours with the Epygi. On my phones (Snom 320/360, Thomson ST2030) you can just put a sntp server, the GMT is not configurable.

    So I can have the righthour on my Epygi, I can have the right hour on my phones (if I don't put the good GMT on my Epygi)but not the both.

    Is there a solution?


    @+ Florent

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    If you make the Epygi Quadro ip address the NTP time server on each telephone and set each phone to the same time zone as the Quadro all times will be the same.

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