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Thread: SNOM 320 picking up second call from hold

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    Hello ,
    Please help me, I have a Quadro 2x with the following:Quadro:Firmware Version: 4.1.33/Release.
    Snom 320 Version snom320-SIP 7.1.8.
    When I pickup a second call and place it on hold, to go back to it after finishing with the
    the first one, there is no audio both ways, even though the call is still there. this happens on the this version on snom 320.
    However on the other Snom I have with ramdisk below v3.31, is no problem. the issue is I can not get this older version anymore.

    Please help.[img]smileys/smiley19.gif[/img]


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    Hi Definitel,it is strongly reccomended to use Snom's firmwareversion 6.5.10 with Quadro 4.1.33, otherwise we cannot guarantee the correct functioning of that Snom with Quadro. However, you can open a ticket in our TSS and attach some Quadro logs after your problem's reproduction, maybe we'll find some workaround for that. Also, when you'll have the problem again, just press "Mute" button on the Snom - maybe Snom's new firmwareis automaticaly muting the holded calls. Or try to downgrade the Snom's firmware using Quadro -check "Enable firmware version control
    < =text/>

    " on IP-Lines Settings page andreset the phone.

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    Thanks Arank, I will try that and let you know.


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    Hello Aramk, I tried that , but it says on the Snom 320 screen "wrong image, press any key to abort"


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    Most likely the Snom doesn't allow to downgrade from 7.1.8 to 6.5.10 version. Please contact your Snom vendor to find out the way to do that.

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    I thinks that is right, I will try to get the distributor involved again.


    Jose Fuentes

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    Also, try upgrading to v7.1.17 snom firmware - I have found 7.1.8 to be somewhat unreliable, even though it is shipping on the snom phones now.

    We have snom phones running v7.1.17 firmware on many Quadros with no problems - do you notice if the problems are on calls only via an ITSP, or does it include calls via an FXO port also? We have found some ITSPs that do not handle swapping to hold and back very well.

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    Hello Threebit,

    I have not tried with FXO calls yet. It seems the problem occurs on incoming calls on ITSP, outgoing calls via ITSPworks ok, I make a call put it on hold, pick it up,time after time no problems. But if I receive a call via ITSP and put it on hold then try to pick it up there is no audio.


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    It is not a firmware issue. If your Quadro is behind a NAT, you should forward tpc/udp 5060 to your quadro. And also please use RTP proxy for your SIP trunk (the VE created by VoIP carrier vizard). If your extensions are on the WAN side of your Quadro, please also use RTP Proxy for each extension. Make sure you can open the port properly. some modem/router cannot open the 5060 even though you actually put the configuration in. follow these instruction, I am pretty sure they can fix your problem.

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    Hello Jason,

    The Quadro is doing the ISP authentication in this case, (in PPOe)the modem is on bridge mode. Also the extensions are on the LAN side of the Quadro. However I will try using RTP proxy on the ITSP extensions created by the VOIP Wizzard.

    Thanks for your help.


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