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Thread: How can i change extension lenght?

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    can i change extension lenght without reset config on a 2xi?

    Thanks, Lunacom.

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    Hi Lunacom, it is possible to increase the extensions lenght by calling "changeextlenght.cgi" hidden page. This will not reset your configuration, but will delete all voice mails and custom greetings/messages. Note, that in this way you can only increase your Quadro's extensions digits' lenght, so if you already have a 3-digit numbering plan, Quadro will offer you4-digit plan only. If you want just change the 3-digit numbering plan prefix, or switch from 3-digit numbering plan to 2-digit, then the only way is to reset the Quadro.

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    I just tried to access the changeextlenght.cgi page, and I got an error "Not authorized to access this page"

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    Sorry, the page's name is "changeextlength.cgi".

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    Quote Originally Posted by aramk
    Sorry, the page's name is "changeextlength.cgi".
    Thanks, i have done change... all good.

    Bye, Lunacom.

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