Can anyone tell me what I am missing with this scenario...

Have a Quadro4x configured with two cell phones added to the authorized phones database, and auto directed to call relay if those cell phones dial a specific DID.
When either cell phone dials in, the Quadro auto directs the cell phones to place outbound call from Quadro.
The outbound call is placed and works great except for caller ID to called party is not presented.
All called party sees is 'Unknown,' which very few called parties will ever answer if a caller blocks their number.

I have the same call route defined for calling out from local extension as from call relay.
The only difference is for call relay route, the cell phone must prefix the call with an '8'.
Local extension calls out and shows caller ID perfectly fine.
Call relay calls out do not show caller ID. Instead, called party sees 'Unknown'.

The routes look identical outside of the '8' prefix.
I have even tried disabling the call relay route, and rely on the route used by local extensions.
In that case, the call relay still works -- just no caller ID presented to called party.

What am I missing here?