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Thread: While a caller is on hold / park listening to music / promo annoucement. Is it possib

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    Default While a caller is on hold / park listening to music / promo annoucement. Is it possib

    While a caller is on hold / park listening to music / promo announcement. Is it possible to give them the option of leaving a message or another choice to be diverted to another extension etc.


    Caller calls in and calls gets pickup & greeted then placed on hold (on snom handset) and or parked. Caller then gets to listen to hold music / company promo. During this time we want to be able to give the user a choice to at any time (or every time the promo repeat) to press 1 to leave voicemail, press 2 to be diverted to our head office etc.

    If possible how should I go about implementing this.
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    Dear Woods,

    Currently we don't have an implementation that would give user possibility to leave voice mail or zero out to other Extension(head office), while he/she is on hold or listening park music.
    We have this possibility on for Auto Attendant to zero out to any Extension.



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    Thank you for the reply. Are there any plan for this feature. It is very much needed in a call centre screnario. Also there are system out there that have this already for sometime.

    Is there an alternative way to achieve the same outcome going through an AA? i.e allow the caller to be put on hold in some way then allow zero out at the end or beginning of the music / msg.
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    Dear Woods,

    Currently, we don't have any plans to implement this.
    You could park the call instead of holding call, any in this case after call park retrieve time our the call could be addressed to any Extension, AA, to any number by Call Routing Rule. Please see call park implementation of customized push back number(this future exist in Quadro M32x, M8L/12Li/26x, 4L/4Li and etc). Call queue could be also useful for call center scenario.



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