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Thread: Quadro seems to object if server address changes between REGISTER and SIP dialogue

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    Default Quadro seems to object if server address changes between REGISTER and SIP dialogue

    I have an ISP that registers a line on my Quadro with an address of the form

    Here is my status display (suitably edited)

    01:24:21 Registrar:GetRegistrationState for all users

    user - xxxext11- binded ip -XXX.169.16.152
    user - xxxext12- not registered
    user - xxxext13- not registered
    user - xxxext14- not registered
    user - xxxext15- binded ip -XXX.169.16.153
    user - xxxext16- binded ip -XXX.169.16.138
    user - xxxext17- not registered
    user - xxxext18- binded ip -XXX.169.16.140
    user - xxxext19- binded ip -XXX.169.16.153
    user - xxxext20- binded ip -XXX.169.16.139
    user - xxxext51- binded ip -XXX.169.16.150
    user - xxxext52- binded ip -XXX.169.16.150
    user - xxxext53- binded ip -XXX.169.16.150
    user - xxxext54- binded ip -XXX.169.16.150
    user - xxxext55- binded ip -XXX.169.16.150
    user - xxxext56- binded ip -XXX.169.16.150
    user - xxxext12x- binded ip
    user - xxxext13- binded ip -

    Now when the Quadro has a SIP dialogue with my ISP's server, I keep getting
    "error 403 Not registered address" messages and the calls fail to xxxext12x.

    Although all my ISP servers' names resolve to a single IP address,
    my ISP uses names like a.servername, a.auth.servername, b.servername.

    This seems to cause the Quadro a problem.

    Why does the quadro not resolve
    into AAA.BBB.30.111 and store this value in its table?

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    I have been involved in various tests with my Internet Service Provider (AAISP) but we really need to know what it is about the INVITEs that is upsetting the Quadro.
    Would Epygi liase with my ISP to sort this problem please?

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