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Thread: iQall V1.1 not working on some Quadro versions

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    Thumbs down iQall V1.1 not working on some Quadro versions

    We have just had a response that because a Quadro 2x does not have a firmware version 5.3.61 (latest is currently 5.3.26), the new version of iQall will not work.

    Comment for Epygi:
    "Currently, new iQall version doesn't work with Quadro 2x/2xi, Quadro 4x/4xi, Quadro 16x/16xi. It may be supported in future releases for these products. So you need to have 5.3.61 or later firmware version for other Quadro products in order to use iQall."

    The old version is of limited use due to the contacts accessibility issue but what has been done is worse than not having the update at all as a lot of the time it is hard to separate iTunes updates or clients automatically updated and it is very hard to rolling back. NOTE that there is NO mention on iTunes about the version requirement (! We were lucky that we had the previous version on another computer and the knowledge of how to do it but it is still very hard in talking other through how to do it. Certainly not for the normal person to roll back. It is very poor to upgrade and not support all of their devices. If you wanted to do this, it should have been done as another entire application (iQall2?) so unsupported products would not lose their functionality. Not our preference as we would prefer even partial support so people get back the functionality that they originally paid for.

    It was bad enough with iQall not being updated for such a long period but this is an embarrassing mess for us. Can we please get a priority and time frame to which we will now get the new firmware of the products that have been missed.

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    Thumbs up Revised firmware version fix

    Thanks for the quick firmware revision. Have tested 5.3.27 on the Quadro 2x and it looks to have done the trick. I still have an issue with what seems to be routing. Problem is that the old iQall version (with new Quadro firmware) works to all numbers whereas the new iQall version works with most but not all numbers (still to determine what is specifically about the numbers for them to actually fail). I have a particular number (have always used it for testing) that keeps failing on the new iQall.

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