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    Default yealink call park button

    I'm playing with a Yealink phone just to see how they are compare to our current snom phone as standard. I can get most thing working but can't seem to get a Park button working.

    On the SNOM I set one of the programmable key to "Speed Dial" Then put "*5" this then update it with the necessary settings to make call park work.

    ON the Yealink T26P I select "Speed Dial" (for Memory Key #10) then put *5 in the text field. Then try to Park a call using this button but is getting a "feature is disabled" error. What is the correct way to get Park working.

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    Dear Woods,

    I guess you probably have created Park extension on Quadro, so please choose from programmable key list that Call Park and then press save, after it press yes to reboot the IP Phone. After reboot you could park and pickup the parked call from that park extension with the help of the park key.



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    LevonD, thanks for your reply but it does not solve the problem of parking to the next free park ext

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