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Thread: ring other handsets while call on hold

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    Default ring other handsets while call on hold

    I've been asked to implement the below scenario (because this can be done on another phone system). I disagree with this request as I can see practical issues with it, but I'm not the one calling the shots in this case so may have to implement it if it can be done.

    When a call is put on hold / park:
    1) The caller get to hear our company blub / announcement
    2) As long as this call is on hold, the other handsets (in the MER) should 'ring' so that other staff know there is a call on hold and they need to deal with it.

    Is this possible and how I should approach this (technically)


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    Dear Woods,

    If you use our latest firmware you could configure customized push back number option on call park extension, as soon as the Retrieve Timeout is expired the call on hold would be transferred wherever you want(you could choose some virtual extension and enable on that extension MER), so in this case your staff would know about that call, but it would happen only after Retrieve Timeout is expired and our minimal setting for this is one minute.

    Or you could simply transfer the call on hold to the same virtual extension(with MER enabled) without parking that call, and in this case the staff would be informed about the call on hold immediately.



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    we currently have snom phones so this won't work for us. Also it doesn't ring while on hold.

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